Date: 9.-12. September 2021

The whole festival will take place in the beautiful charming town of Bern, Switzerland. Along the river we will dance in a bridge pier for the workshop. For the parties we search for you different atmospheric locations.

The workshop will take place on Saturday and Sunday at Salsa Dancer, Dalmaziquai 69, 3005 Bern

The party locations will be announced later.

What are you register for?

  • 8 hours of classes, 4 with live music!!!

  • The workshop will be with our special concept, check it out!

  • We will have teacher teams, we keep you updated how many and what teacher we are going to invite.

  • 4 parties with live music

  • And...we are in Bern...meeting a lot of lovely enthusiastic dancers...lot of fun...swim in the river...meals together...and...of course, there is more happening during the festival :-)


Because of this weird situation we are living with the pandemic it is really hard to plan a festival. We need to take a lot of risk and hope everything goes in the right direction. Additional people have different situation about money. That's why we like to let you choose how much you can pay for our workshop.

  • Low budget: 180 CHF

The low price is aimed at students, people from out of Switzerland or people with difficult financial situation.

  • Regular budget: 240 CHF

With this price we are able to cover the costs.

  • Support the festival: 270 CHF

This amount to support the festival means to help us, to take some more risk and make the festival bigger. We prefer to have less budget so you can make it to the festival, but if you can support you will help us a lot.


Despite the pandemic we want to offer you this workshop. In order to do so, we need you to agree to the following conditions:

  • Your registration is binding. We will not grant any refunds in case of cancellation by your side. However we gladly help you in finding replacement/selling your ticket to someone else.

  • The payment must be fully paid within 14 days after getting your payment order. Otherwise your registration will be cancelled and your spot offered to other dancers.

  • In case of cancellation of the festival due to natural disasters, riots, pandemic, no refund will be made to the participants whatsoever.

  • If the event is cancelled by the organizers you will be refunded 90%.

  • Insurance lies in the responsibility of the participants. The organizers are not responsible for any injury you might have during the festival.