Teacher & Musician Team

Yeah, we are complete! We are very happy to announce our teacher and musician team:

Santino Carvelli @ friend - Musician

Santino ist Mitbegründer und Co-Leiter von Salsadancers. Bereits seit 1998 ist er als Salsalehrer tätig. Nach 15 Jahren Erfahrung als Perkussionist.. In verschiednenen Salsagruppen und Musikprojekten, reizte es ihn, selber zu tanzen. In Kuba und Puerto Rico liess er sich während Monaten von erfahrenen Profi-tänzern ausbilden. Santino unterrichtet alle Stile, Pasitos und Menstyling. Er ist auch zuständig für das Tanzschulmanagement, diverse Events, Coaching, Takt und für Choreografien von Son Almas.

Ruth Krähenbühl - Musician

Ruth runs the Studio for Afro-Cuban Music in Bern. It offers courses and lessons for adults and children in Afro-Cuban singing with small percussion and rhythms of the conga and batá drums. Ruth has done her training and further education in Bern, Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Ruth, a warm and heartily personality, will enrich Catherine's class with live music.

Dan Mudd & Bearbeat - Musician

Dan Mudd is a gifted singer and guitarist from Italy. His love is for the blues. As a street musician he toured Europe and was discovered in Bern's alleys by Dominik Liechti. Since then, the two have regularly been on the road as a couple and rock Liechti's mobile bearbeat stage.

Catherine Palmier - Teacher

Catherine is a versatile dancer devoted in the liberation and cultivation of one's individual dance style and personal artistic expression through exploring the influences and aesthetics from the African and African diaspora heritage. She will invite you to unleash your own authentic movement offering guided explorations to break from ingrained patterns using grounded organic movement, effortless power and fluid grace. With over 15 years of professional dance experience, academic dance training in Paris, U.S.A, Guinea, Senegal, Burkina Faso and knowledge of multiple styles of dance, Catherine skillfully and with a keen movement sensibility helps dancers discover the origin and understanding of their movement. She draws from improvisational, somatic approches, visualizations, body mechanics, and alignment to support a constantly flourishing understanding of dance and movements. Catherine hopes you receive insight, playfulness and enthusiasm from her work.

Dáire Mac An Bháird - Teacher

Dáire´s love of dancing started with moving to the latin rhythms growing up in the Caribbean, but he fell in love with Lindy Hop in the frozen north of Scotland, in 2009, and fell in love again with Blues at a workshop just 6 months later.

Dáire has been teaching Lindy Hop and Blues since 2011 and lived out of a suitcase as a travelling man for 5 years; moving between scenes, teaching and DJing workshops around Europe. In 2017, he relocated to Valencia - finally back in the warm climate he enjoys - to join forces with Leigh and cook up some special sauce for some of the biggest blues events in Europe.

Dáire teaches Blues Dance, Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, blues DJing and blues history both in his home scene in Valencia, Spain; and at international blues events.

Lorenzo Bergamino - Musician

We are very happy to announce another amazing musician playing together with Stef Rosen at our Saturday night party.

Graduated in Classical Percussion, Lorenzo Bergamino (Genoa, 1988)

is an eclectic musician, with projects ranging from Jazz to Contemporary

music as a Vibraphone player, to Drums and Percussion in Balkan Arab


Stef Rosen - Musician

Am letzten durchgeführten BE-BLUESED war Stefano dabei... deshalb freut es uns umso mehr, mit ihm die Fortsetzung des jährlichen Blues Dance Festivals zu starten.


Stefano was there at the last BE-BLUESED ... which is why we are all the more pleased to start the continuation of the annual blues dance festival with him.

Stef Rosen is an Italian guitar player and singer living in Berlin. His way of composing and arranging is a personal combination of the old black folklore music from the 20’s and 30’s, and the soulful electric blues from the late 60s.

He looks at the tradition of this music with his personal, modern and respectful attitude. He is constantly touring around the World, playing in blues clubs, Festival, and blues dance events as solo artist or collaborating with other great musicians and bands.

He has been constantly touring for the last 3 years, non-stop..from New York to Seoul, from London to Moscow..anywhere people need to dance their blues away!

In 2017 he joined an European tour with Tony Coleman, who has been drummer for many blues legends as Albert King, Albert Collins, Etta James, Ruth Brown, and for the king of the Blues himself: B.B. King, for more than 20 years.

His latest recordings received enthusiastic reviews from all around Europe and by the international blues dancing scene.

In 2019, the record “Soul Mining”, produced by RBB Kulturadio Berlin, has been nominated in Germany for “Album of the Year”, next to giants of the blues scene as John Mayall, Watermelon Slim, Joe Bonamassa and Walter Trout.

He also works as sound engineer, mixing and mastering records of other international artists in the blues, soul and songwriting scenes in his studio, the FuzzNote.

In 2020 he won the “Album of the Year” award for his mixing and mastering work on Ginger Blues record “Unknowable journey”.

Annette Kühnle - Teacher

Annette hails from Heidelberg, Germany and is one of Europe's most prominent proselytisers of blues dance as a teacher, social dancer, DJ and organiser. Her love of teaching and dancing are infectious and if you've travelled for blues, you probably already knew that! Annette is excited to be back in beautiful Bern, and she is looking forward to helping you bring out your inner awesome!

Samuel Tinguely - Teacher

Samuel, originally from Switzerland but now based in London, first got into dancing by discovering traditional breton dances in Brittany, later followed by balfolk in Switzerland. His latest dance ventures lead him to Swing & Blues dancing, which he fell so much in love with that he decided to commit full-time to dancing. Since then he is teaching regular classes in London and workshops all over Europe. Samuel loves Blues dancing for its very high degree of individual expression and when teaching enjoys nothing more than to support his students to find their boundaries, giving them a safe space to experiment with new ideas and see them grow as dancers. He strongly believes the world is a better place when people are connected - not digitally, but actually, humanly connected; and for him dancing does just that: it connects people.