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Musiker Team BE-BLUESED 2023

Yeah, we are very happy to announce our musicians for BE-BLUESED 2023:

Miss Mikey May and the Organ Grinders (FR/SA)

Miss Mikey May is a powerful, soulful vocalist with a background in theatre, cabaret, burlesque, and social dancing. The Organ Grinders is her Hammond-organ focused Swing and Blues project, featuring some of Czech Republic's top Jazz and Blues musicians. Their music explores (and sometimes crosses!) the outer limits of Swing, Blues, Soul, and Gospel music in a dancer-friendly package, and if you've seen them perform at dance events around Europe you'll know you'll have a groovy great time!

Band: vox, organ, drums

Video 1:

Video 2:

Jonathan Ben Vuilleumier (Sunday)

Longing and landscapes... A man goes his way. Jonathan Ben Vuilleumier.

He is in search of freedom. When you listen to this blues, something in you switches, as if there was a toggle switch. You tick differently, tipping into an open world, out into the landscape of the blues.

Being here with every fiber of life, no matter how good or how bad it is, that's blues.

Vuilleumier has that irresistible magic of the very great blues musicians.

On his acoustic guitars he plays the unspeakable, creating rhythm and sounds of feelings for which there are no words yet, never will be. With his raw natural wild voice, he tells his life as he breathes it in - and out - with his blues-soaked attitude to life.

The magic of his music pulls you along from the first string and leaves you with the last syllable, with the last swing of the last note.

Genre: Blues • Folk

Instumente: Gitarre • Weissenborn • Mundharmonika

Texte und Melodien: eigene Album: The house of Eli (Oktober 2016)

Jonathan Ben Vuilleumier - Kanal

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