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TOUR "On the trail of a repressed history" by COOPERAXION.

Cooperaxion has been helping to launch post-colonial tours in various cities from Basel to

Geneva for 20 years. Interconnections with slavery and colonialism are visible in many places

in Switzerland. Cooperaxion offers city tours that look behind the facades and tell of

Switzerland's involvement in the slave trade and colonialism - and also of the resistance to it...

The Republic of Bern was heavily involved in speculation in the global trade in goods and

slaves, its mercenaries were popular in foreign service and the name of the "Zunft zum

Mohren" is still being debated today...

For our event, Cooperaxion offers us a special tour shaped for us blues dancers, centered

around the cotton trade.

Friday 13 th

Meeting: 16h Waisenhausplatz

End: 17h30 close to Matte Brennerei / Fischerstübli (check out the Dinner option or Gin tasting!)

25.- / 15.- per person (cash or twint)

Blues music arose from the African American experience of slavery and oppression,

chronicling the pain, hope, and defiance of a community fighting for justice and self-

determination. As blues dancing evolved, it became an embodied expression of this music and

a way to reclaim their humanity. For European blues dancers, embracing this history is

crucial. The Black Lives Matter movement reminds us that the struggle for racial justice is

ongoing, while understanding our own colonial pasts challenges us to confront systemic

inequalities. As blues dancers, it is important to honor the resilience of those who came before

and engage ourselves with the anti-racism movement and continuing fight for equity and

human rights.

To this matter, we invite you to join us for a guided tour through the city of Bern. This

walking tour will shed light on the lesser-known connections between Switzerland and the

transatlantic slave trade, uncovering the colonial legacies that continue to shape our society.

By confronting this past, we can better understand the systemic inequalities that persist and

recommit ourselves to the ongoing struggle for racial justice championed by the Black Lives

Matter movement. We hope you'll join us in this eye-opening exploration of Bern's ties to

slavery and colonialism.

By engaging ourselves, we can translate our appreciation for the blues into tangible solidarity

and real-world impact. The work of dismantling racism is ongoing, but together, we can honor

the legacy of those who came before and forge a more just future.



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