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Gin House Blues - 15.06.19

20.30 - 21.30 Blues Dance Crash-Kurs mit Bigi & Michu

Blues Dance gehört zu der Familie der Swing-Tänze und teilt mit ihnen den afrikanischen Ursprung. Blues Dance entstand in kleinen Musikbars (Juke Joints) in den Südstaaten der USA und wurde später u.a. auch im Savoy Ballroom getanzt. Es ist ein intimer Tanz mit viel Groove und Freiheit für spontane Interpretationen.

22.00 Konzert mit dem Amaury Faivre Duo

Amaury Faivre Duo is composed of Amaury Faivre, singer, guitar and harmonica player, and Yves Staubitz who plays guitar as well. The founded an electric blues band after meeting in a jam in Geneva in 2009, and then the acoustic duo came in 2013. They win the Swiss Blues Challenge 2017 and fly to represent Switzerland at the International Blues Challenge in January 2018 in Memphis where they were semi-finalists, and came back from the European Blues Challenge 2018 in Norway with a beautiful 4th place. Following on a rich and promising season on beautiful stages, they released their first album "Crazy Old Man" which presents originals titles at the frontiers of blues, jazz and folk, with a pure and acoustic sound, warm and sincere, in a Keb’Mo or Eric Bibb spirit. The duo manages to conciliate freedom of jazz and emotion of blues. A unique mastership of harmonica, a ten years old collusion and real improvisation talents give them the opportunity to offer an intense and upsetting act.

Eine Musikprobe um die Vorfreude zu vergrössern?

00:00 - 02:30 Bluesy DJ Grooves till late Eintritt: Kollekte

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