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Samuel Tinguely

Samuel believes the world would be a better place if humans were more connected. Not digitally, but actually, humanly connected; and it so happens that dancing does just that: it connects people. Being it with one self when dancing solo, with another person when dancing in a couple, or as a group dancing in a circle or other formation. All of these are present in blues dancing, which is what makes it so special to him. He started dancing in Brittany in 2005, where he discovered traditional breton dances, and went back every summer for more than ten years to dance. In 2010 he discovered bal folk back in Switzerland and started dancing weekly, and attending dance workshops. Very quickly he started teaching those dances. In 2012 he discoverd swing and blues dances, which brought him much joy. Throughout 2014 and the following years, he studied blues dancing with a passion, starting classes in Lausanne, then in London where he moved at the end of 2015. He's also been practicing martial arts since 2001 and is a massage therapist. All of this allows him to approach dancing and teaching with a high level of expertise on human movement and considerations for his students' health and comfort. A student said : “Samuel’s best characteristic as a teacher is that he is so incredibly respectful of his students: respectful of their skill levels, their boundaries, their wishes and their limitation. Taking classes with him, I have always felt that I was provided with a safe and supporting space to experiment and grow as a dancer.”

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